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          Technology is an indispensable part of the life. Breakthroughs in electronic gadgets, digital researches and other cutting edge technologies have changed the way we live and interact. Each and every day there are some captivating developments in computers hardware and software, laptops, mobiles, tablets, consumer electronics and other related gadgets and technologies. If you are looking for such spectacular advancements in such gadgets and technologies, Yes! Here is the right place you have stepped in.
          Take an exciting adventurous glance with ‘Technology Source’ as it reports latest and unique content on the global news on computers and other related technology. We post latest news and updates on electronic gadgets, mobiles, tablets, gaming, gaming hardware, gaming consoles, research products, virtual reality devices and many other captivating developments in the field of computers and technology. We also post content on Kickstarter projects and open source hardware & software. Complex subjects are explained in a simple and understandable style with photographs and videos that connect everyday people with the greatest ideas.  
          ‘Technology Source’ reports news and updates from top international companies including Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Google, Dell and many more.

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Raghavendar T S