Apple’s iOS vs Google’s Android Operating System

      There are a very few mobile OS of which iOS and Android are hot in the current market trend. There is a huge battle between these two operating system to become the best among the mobile OS. Let us compare iOS and Android based on the factors like UI/UX, performance, applications etc.


      The latest smartphone of Apple, iPhone 5s has got dual-core processor where as the other high end smartphones of Samsung, Nokia have quad-core processor. Will this mean that quad-core phones are faster than dual-core smartphones? No. The performance depends on not only the hardware, but also on how the OS use the hardware. Though high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S4 have octa-core processor, the Android OS does not use the hardware efficiently. The smartphone is not lag free even with that powerful octa-core processor. But taking Apple’s iPhone 5s, the performance will be smooth and lag free even with its dual-core processor. The reason is that hardware and software for Apple products are developed by Apple itself. To be more precise, the hardware and software are built in such a way that both can interact easily and in efficient way. If we take Google’s Andoird OS, it is build in generic way, so that it can support multiple number of different smartphones. Taking Apple, there are a very few models. But considering Apple, there are several hundred models. Google cannot develop a version for each of the smartphone in the market. The generic Android OS will be customized to suite a specific smartphone. This is not in the case of Apple products. The hardware and OS bind to each other in efficient way to give better performance(with just dual-core processor) than high-end smartphones. Apple achieves great performance with low-end processors compared to other Android devices.

Who wins – iOS is more stable and lag free compared to Android

User Interface & User Experience (UI/UX) 

      Both iOS and Android have a clean and neat UI. Android OS are customized by the smartphone manufactures to deliver their specific user interface and experience which sometimes makes it less stable in UI. But the UI/UX is more flexible and fluid in Apple iOS compared to Android smartphones. However Android has got huge number of third party applications to customize to specific needs.

iOS is the winner

Apps & Games 

      Both Apple and Android store has got millions of applications and games to download. However in Apple products some applications like Facebook, Twitter etc bind to the iOS to deliver maximum UI/UX.


      Android offers open source platform which is a good point to consider for the developers. But Apple iOS is not open source. Also Android applications are developed using Java programming language for which there are lot of tutorials available on the internet. But Apple iOS applications are developed using Objective C which is considered a little tougher than Java.

Android is the winner


      Smartphones powered by Android OS are available for very less price. But Apple products are very costly compared to Android powered smartphones.

Android is the winner

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