Chromecast from Google – Stream Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Chrome content to HDTV over WiFi

             Gadgets are all over our place. We connect most of the gadgets with each other to share large displays. say for example most of us use laptops, desktops etc with large displays for better entertainment. we even use our smartphones connect to those display with HDMI cable. We use such displays primarily to watch videos movies and TV shows. Whats is the problem here? Cables and wires will be all over the floor. So grab a Chromecast!!!

Chromecast from Google

What is Chromecast ?

Chromecast is a media streaming device from Google which is sized a little bigger than normal USB pen drives. Chromecast has a HDMI interface with which we can connect Chromecast to HDTV through the HDMI port and now we can stream content from desktop, laptop or a smartphone to the HDTV over the WiFi. Currently Chromecast supports Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and Chrome.

Chromecast from Google

What does these support mean ?

Netflix is the one of the world’s popular subscription service for watching movies and TV episodes through internet with which we can stream any content of Netflix from desktop, laptop or smartphone to the HDTV. Chromecast can also stream movies, TV shows, and music  offered by Google Play . Chrome browser enable us to stream the browser window to stream to the HDTV.

How to use Chromecast ?

  1. Plug-in Chromecast into HDTV
  2. Click cast button in desktop, laptop or smartphone with custom application from Google
  3. Watch

             Chromecast is currently available only in USA for $35 USD and will be available soon  in other countries. For developers Google has released Google Cast SDK to develop their own application compatible with Chromecast.

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