Displair – An Interactive, Screenless and Virtual Display
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           The world we live in has become virtual. We are able to feel the technology. In the movies Iron Man, Star Wars we can see a lot technologies particularly interactive displays where the images and videos will be projected in air. They were first just a computer graphics. But its real now in the name of Displair.


           Displair is  an interactive fog display which puts any multimedia content which we want to see in the air and the multimedia content will be totally penetrable. It is not just a display. It is also possible to interact with the display with multi-touch gestures so that the user can use his hands over the virtual image for interaction, say various gestures can be used for zoom in, zoom out etc. The product may go commercial after Q1 of 2014.

Working of the Display

The main idea is that thin air with tiny particles of water is produced from the device which is sprayed upwards. The speciality of the water particles do not cause any wet traces during the multi-touch user interaction. The light will be emitted from the device towards the water particles causing reflection and refraction by which we see the actual content.


The screen-less display is capable of detecting up to 1500 touches simultaneously with great accuracy and has a delay time of less than 0.2 seconds .It is also capable of identifying complex gestures than the currently existing multi-touch interactive display system like Microsoft PixelSense.

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