Elasticsearch – Apply Nested Filter on Nested (Inner) Aggregation

           The following query can be used to apply filter on nested (inner) aggregation. In our example aggregationName2 is the nested aggregation. The filter (bold content) in the input JSON will be applied only for the aggregation aggregationName2. aggregationName2 takes in the output of aggregationName1, then applies the filter which is then processed by aggregationName2 for the final results.


GET /index/type/_search
    "aggs": {
        "aggregationName1": {
            "terms": {
                "field": "fieldName1"
             "aggs": {
                 "filtered": {
                     "filter": {
                         "bool": {
                             "must": [{
                                 "term": {
                                     "filterFieldName": filterFieldValue
                     "aggs": {
                         "aggregationName2": {
                             "terms": {
                                 "field": "fieldName2"
    "size": 0

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2 thoughts on “Elasticsearch – Apply Nested Filter on Nested (Inner) Aggregation

  1. Anonymous

    I’m using your elasticsearch code based php mysql. It’s working fine. I have to implement the multisearch (mean msearch) concept on project.I have tried more steps for developing the msearch but i could not complete.

    Multisearch concept:

    single query can search the data on two index type. One type have no conditions and to listed data.another type have to search the data with conditions.finally combine the results and show on page.

    1.common index with two types like(my_index / type1,type2)

    2. type1 :- To search the title data with no conditions

    3. type2 :- To search the title data with conditions

    shows the result with pagination
    Note : Already i tried bool query but doesn’t work


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