Eye-Fi memory cards – view or transfer photos and videos from digital camera to smartphone or laptop without network or router

         Digital cameras are DSLRs are one of the great gadget to have and one of the regular thing we do with such cameras is transferring photos and videos to the computer for viewing and backup. The problem is that we cannot see the photos or videos in bigger screen other than the camera screen which will be around 3 inches or 3.5 inches  So we always go for using desktops or laptops. if we are on travel it is obvious that we will be using the laptop.We usually use the data cable provided by the camera manufacturer to connect the camera with the system for transferring photos and videos. What if we are able to view or transfer the photos and videos in smartphone or a laptop through wireless. Eye-Fi memory card can do  that!!!



        Eye-Fi memory cards are SD cards that have WiFi capabilities which enable the users to transfer or view photos and videos in smartphone, desktop or laptop. The main advantage of  Eye-Fi cards is that it doesn’t requires any network from a router. Instead the memory card itself creates its own wireless signal to communicate with smartphones or laptops. The only thing we require is WiFi enable device which is of course present in almost all smartphones and laptops.  

8GB or 16GB
Pro X2

        Eye-Fi cards are available in two model with its own set of features. Eye-Fi cards uses a special hardware chip to create the radio signal for view or transfer media files to laptop or smartphone. There are special applications available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, Andoird with which we can instantly view or transfer photos instead of using data cable. 

  • Creates its own WiFi
    • The memory card creates a stable WiFi signal that connects to the Eye-Fi app on your mobile device or tablet which doesn’t require any network or router
  • Instant photo and video upload to smartphone or tablet
    • View, edit and share photos & videos real-time from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Works with your home or office WiFi
    • Use the desktop software to configure the card to work with your own wireless network for high-speed transfers at about 90ft outdoors/45ft indoors
  • Works in the camera you have
    • Compatible with thousands of cameras

            Eye-Fi also supports online backup solution in the cloud with which we can view or share photos of last 7 days. There is also a premium service for $49.99 USD/year which offer long term backup solution. The only thing which we need is Eye-Fi enabled cameras. Click the following link to check for compatibility for your camera:  http://support.eye.fi/cameras/

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