GPU Acceleration for Java – Coming Soon

       Graphical Processing Units(GPU) have become more advanced and more productive in vast areas of computer science and technology. GPUs are used for making animation, rendering, CAD, visual effects, graphics, analytics and many more. Before a couple of years GPUs were only meant for delivering richness in visual content. Now a days GPUs are used even in data analytics (for faster processing), Big Data etc. The addition to the list is Java. Yes! Soon Java will be GPU accelerated.

       Java is a object oriented programming language and is used by millions of user from basic to hardcore professional developers. Java is also used by top class IT companies for delivering products and services. Recently in a conference, IBM announced its research in GPU acceleration for Java and they even demonstrated the performance improvement when using GPUs for real-time Java applications. Big Data analytics and Scientific Computing led IBM to do research in Java GPU Acceleration.

       The image shown below is the example of GPU acceleration of sorting using standard NVIDIA CUDA libraries that are already available.

GPU Acceleration of Sorting

GPU Acceleration of Sorting

       Hadoop, a parallel and distributed software framework written in Java is most commonly used software framework in the field of Big Data. So this research will really contribute to such kind of framework in parallel and distributed. There are also other applications like fraud detection, financial analysis, video and image analytics, scientific applications etc which use Java as one of the core platform for development and usage.       

          We can soon expect more detailed information and APIs related to GPU acceleration for Java from IBM.

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