Graphics vs Performance in Gaming – ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

         Gaming is there all over the world in desktops, laptops, consoles, smartphones etc. We will here focus gaming on computers and laptops. In this post I will explain the quality of the gaming i.e. the graphics/visual effects/ visual experience vs the performance.

The graphics refers to the visual quality of the game which we view on the screen or display. The performance of the games are measured in FPS(Frames Per Second). We all know that our monitor has got a refresh rate which is usually 60Hz. We will have 120Hz in better range monitors and monitors which support 3D. Refresh rate represent number or times the display is refreshed on the screen. Refresh rate of 60Hz means the screen is refreshed at 60frames/second. Similar to refresh rate we have FPS to measure the performance of gaming.

Graphics vs Performance

There will be usually 3 levels of graphic options namely low, medium and high setting. Some high-end games like Crysis, Battlefield offers in-depth graphic options like anti-aliasing, depth of field, shadow quality and many more. Resolution is one of the main graphic option which defines the overall quality of the game. Higher levels of graphic option increases the quality of the game i.e. the game looks so realistic but there will be decline in performance. The decline in performance means there will be drop in FPS.

Let me explain the scenario with an example. Consider a game with the following results for graphics and performance.

Graphic option
High quality
30 FPS
Medium quality
45 FPS
Low quality
60 FPS         

         As you can see, the game features better quality in terms of graphics/visual with higher graphic option. If you notice we get minimum performance with high graphic option. The reason is that the graphic card is utilizing more memory and processing power for making the game quality look better. Note that the maximum FPS depends on the monitor we are using. If the refresh rate of monitor is 60Hz, then we can get a maximum of 60FPS.

With which setting should I play?

Many gamers would suggest playing the game with medium or low setting to get more performance or FPS. But my suggestion is playing the game with high setting is better choice because the game looks smooth for 25FPS and our eyes cannot differentiate much between 25 or 60FPS. This is what the concept of video where a series of images are seen at frame rate of minimum of 25FPS.  If the FPS is less than 25FPS we get lag in the screen. For low-end graphic cards I suggest you to optimize the graphic option such that we get 25 to 30FPS   for best gameplay.

There are high-end monitors with 120Hz refresh rate that are used for playing 3D games. We have 3D Vision Kit from Nvidia to play games in 3D for which we need compatible monitor. Such compatible monitor have refresh rate of 120Hz. So 120Hz monitors are essential for playing 3D games.

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