iMotion – Haptic Feedback Virtual Reality Motion Controller

      We are now in the generation of virtual reality. Virtual reality displays and Virtual reality controllers are becoming very popular. Some of the examples are GlassUp – An augmented reality eye wearMYO – YOUR MUSCLE CAN TALK – HAND BASED GESTURE CONTROLOculus Rift – nxtGen Virtual Reality Headset and many more.

      iMotion, a haptic feedback virtual reality motion control is the next virtual reality gadget by Intellect Motion and it is also a Kickstarter project which has raised $71,616 USD (pledged goal is $100,000 USD). iMotion controller is a 3D motion controller to control wide range of hardwares including computer, laptop or a smartphone. iMotion replaces keyboard and mouse and the users can control the hardware with high accuracy.


      iMotion uses 3 LEDs, gyroscope and accelerometer to accurately track the user’s movement in 3-dimensional space. iMotion also requires a standard web cam connected with the hardware(computer, laptop or smartphone) we use.

Features of iMotion Controller

  • The iMotion controller replaces your mouse and keyboard with a virtual touchscreen
  • 4-channel haptic motion feedback sensor
  • Functional range of 1 to 16 feet
  • iMotion can be coupled with the Oculus Rift to provide body and hand motion control in a virtual world
  • Multiplayer games – One computing device can support up to 4 iMotions simultaneously
  • Compatible with Apple Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems
  • USB Charging

Applications and Use of iMotion Controller

  • Gaming –  first-person shooters, games like Angry Birds etc.
  • Applications – Google Earth, Media Players etc.

      iMotion replaces keyboard and mouse with which the user performs all the basic to high level operations.

iMotion - How to Use

iMotion – How to Use

iMotion Controller for Developers

      iMotion developers provides Virtual Hands SDK to integrate iMotion controller with Oculus Rift which encourages developers to code their own ideas for gaming and other applications.

      The backers of the project will start receiving the product from Q1 of 2014. iMotion is available for pledge price from $49 USD and the features vary based on the price we pledge.

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