Moto E/Moto G/Moto X – Stuck in Circle Blue M Screen – Solved

           I personally own Moto E and all of a sudden the mobile restarted and got stuck in Blue M screen after the boot animation screen. This problem was also faced by the people using Moto G and Moto X. I restarted the mobile few times and there was no improvement. So I tried clearing the cache partition which also did not work. Then I tried factory reset which solved the problem and note that factory reset will delete the data in the smartphone.

Steps to do Factory Reset

  1. Remove the memory card(for safety)
  2. Press and hold the VOLUME DOWN button then press the POWER button and hold both buttons for three to five seconds and release both buttons
  3. You will now get boot screen. Use VOLUME DOWN button to scroll and VOLUME UP button to select. These selection options may vary in your mobile. Select wipe partition cache option and restart the phone. If the phone works now, do not follow the rest of the steps. Others follow the rest of the steps to do factory reset
  4. Again redo Step 2 to get the boot screen and select Recovery option from the menu using appropriate button.
  5. After a few seconds (around 15 seconds in my case) an Android icon will be displayed in the center of the screen with an exclamation mark. It will also show a message “No Command
  6. Now hold down VOLUME UP button for a 3 to 5 seconds and release it. You will be redirected to another screen where you should select the option Wipe data/factory reset. The phone will restart after a some time and boot animation comes up. Then you will see the Blue M Screen for a minute and then you will be taken to normal phone screen.
  7. Enjoy !!!


17 thoughts on “Moto E/Moto G/Moto X – Stuck in Circle Blue M Screen – Solved

  1. Indhu

    This doesnot work in my case..
    Again the mobile got struck in the blue M screen..
    What am i supposed to do now?
    Which option should i use to see my phone alive again..?

  2. Uk

    I’m in between resetting my wife’s phone which is a moto e. Only difference from above is that one needs to press volume up and power button to invoke the additional settings from the Android with ! Symbol and there wouldn’t be any no command message from step five. That said.the phone will do a full reboot and the wait at second blue M screen is quite long. So wait patiently.

    1. shubham malviya

      i didnt get ur answer sir, i think u might be right as the 5th step worked bt 6th step initiation is not working so could u pls expalin how to do it pls help me sir

  3. Bhuvan

    phone stuck on M screen and is not charging , the battery status is 0% in spite of charging for 3 hours.
    Phone cannot perform the Recovery with this low charge. What should I do ?

  4. Anonymous

    it helped me…thanks 😀 slight change though, on no command screen press volume up key and tap power button once for moto E2 users. then follow as instructed above.

  5. Anonymous

    Is there any way to fix this problem without factory resetting it, cause i don’t want to loose my pictures and stuff.

  6. Anupam

    This happened to me when I was factory resetting my phone. After factory reset, it stayed on the blue M screen. But I’ll suggest ‘waiting for sometime (maybe 20-30 minutes). For me, it booted fine in 15-20 mins or so after the factory reset.

  7. Mark parker

    My phone. Keeps flashing blue screen with moto and when i hold power and volum down.and make a selection. It goes to a black screen


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