NFC Ring – Unlock smartphones, door locks and transfer information
      Smartphones are making our way easy to go. Most of the people use smartphone particularity for communication. It doesn’t matter whether we  call, message, transfer media content, photos or any other. The communication happens through radio signals. Bluetooth technology is one of the technology which lead way to next generation communication standard NFC(Near Field Communication). What is NFC? It is a set of standard for making two devices(smartphonestablets etc) communicate with each other through radio signals just by making them touch each other. With NFC getting more and more popular in smartphones and tablets, it has also going to be used as rings, NFC Ring.


          NFC Ring is a Kickstarter project which has successfully raised £241,947. But the pledged goal only being £30,000. NFC Ring is a ring which is build with NFC tags(an unpowered chip) which can be used to unlock smartphones share URLs, share information etc. 
     NFC Ring actually stores two kinds of information. One is public information and the other is private information. The public information includes information like name , phone number, email id, social network profile URL etc. The private information can be passwords and unlocking doors in one the prime use of NFC Ring. There are door locks built with NFC where the doors can be unlocked only by the NFC Ring that it is programmed to. i.e. NFC Ring can be used as keys for doors with NFC locks. In this case the information which is used to unlock the door will be private. Thus we can use NFC Ring with NFC enabled devices like smartphones  tablets, door locks etc to transfer information.
NFC Ring


  • Store public information and private information
  • Storage capacity of 144bytes
  • Support for Android and Windows Phone 7 operating system at launch
  • Water resistant, but not water proof
  • Availability in multiple sizes
         NFC Ring also works with Raspberry Pi and Arduino which has separate NFC component sold separately. Another important information is that the all the softwares which are used to develop NFC Ring are open source, developed in Apache Cordova. So developers can contribute their own work to the open source community. The estimated delivery date for shipment of NFC Ring is from this August.

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