Tile – Find anything which is lost

           We live in the world of gadgets and accessories. Accessories are a part of our daily life. Some of the accessories which we use in our day to day life are mobiles, laptops, bags,wallets, keys etc. It is a regular habit of people to misplace their accessory. The accessory is either found or lost. This happens to almost all people. It doesn’t matter whether we are in home, office or travel. e use accessories wherever we go. If you are a kind if guy/girl who misses or misplaces any product or accessory frequently. Here is the solution for it. Tile!!!, which is used to find the lost item.

Tile is a small Bluetooth device which is sized around 1.5cm square and 5mm thickness. Tile will be used along with iOS compatible devices to find the location of lost item. The Tile is kept with the accessory or item which we lose or misplace frequently. If we misplace the item, the iOS device will be able to detect the Tile if its in the range of 50ft to 150ft distance. The basic idea is that the Bluetooth signal from the Tile is received by the smartphone and based on the signal strength the iOS device will calculate the distance between the Tile and the iOS device which makes it possible to find the lost item or accessory. The Tile has built-in speaker which makes it another advantage to find the lost item.

           To use a Tile with a item, the Tile is first activated using any of the iOS device with the use of custom application ‘Tile App’. Then the Tile is kept along with the accessory we use. If we have lost that accessory, we will use the Tile application in the iOS device and activate an option that the Tile is lost. Now the Tile application with the help of Bluetooth will be able to detect the Tile if its in the range of 50ft to 150ft. If the Tile is not found in our place we can enable another option which makes other iOS devices(to whom you have shared) to send an update or notification to our iOS device if it detects our Tile in their range. Thus we will will be able to find the lost item anywhere and anytime.

Tile with Apple iPhone


  • iOS Compatible(Android support soon after the release)
  • iOS devices detect the Tile within a range of 50ft to 150ft distance
  • Built-in speaker which sounds when we trigger the Tile as lost in iOS device
  • Find the item even if its not in our range with the help of other iOS devices with Tile app which are connected to the cloud server
  • We can use a Tile for one year upon activation with Tile app
  • Waterproof
  • No batteries required

           Tiles are currently available for pre-order for 18.95 USD at www.thetileapp.com and shipping starts from Q4 of this year or Q1 of 2014.

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