Wireless Chargers to be built in Laptops by Intel and Integrated Device Technology

        Electronic gadgets are all around the world. Every device requires a battery which is usually charged by power chords based on power specification of the device. There are advancements in technology to power up the device in minimal time and research is being done all the year to make it efficient. Now we are into next generation, wireless charging where the electronic devices like smartphones, MP3 players etc which needs to be charged is kept over the charging plate and this will charge the electronic device. Samsung Galaxy S4 is one such device which supports wireless charging and the charging accessory is exclusively available for the smartphone. 

Samsung Galaxy S4 with Wireless Charging

        Now the interesting development in wireless charging is that the device which is doing the wireless charging is going to be integrated with laptops which enable the user to charge the electronic devices which supports wireless charging where ever we go. We usually use power chords for smartphones, iPods  to charge the device. But evolution of new kind of charging  through laptops change the way of charging. Most of the electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, iPods, MP3 players, digital cameras etc are planned to be built with support for wireless charging . So this innovation in charging will be very much useful for the future.

Currently Integrated Device Technology, a technology company with specialized expertise in wireless charging along with Intel has planned to build chipsets to support wireless charging technology.

Technical Details of Wireless Charging

There are two types of wireless charging namely  magnetic induction and resonance charging. Magnetic induction technique of charging  requires the charging device and the device to be charged to be in physical contact with each other. But in resonance charging it is enough that if the two devices are placed near.

It is obvious that Integrated Device Technology will be using resonance charging to build the chipsets for Intel since it is user friendly.

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