WiSee – Hand gestures enable through wireless(WiFi) signals
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            The digital world has become very much interactive. The way in which we interact with the electronic devices has changed a lot. It has made our lives even better. Below are some of the devices and how we interact with it.

            The list goes on. If we notice on the above product and technologies, there is a unique hardware build to make interaction more better. But we have WiSee, a new and innovative technology which is under research where the users can perform physical hand gestures without any additional devices. The WiSee takes the advantage of WiFi signals from the routers to detect the change in amplitude and other properties of wireless signals when the users performs hand gestures. WiSee doesn’t requires any additional devices like camera, sensor other than WiSee enabled routers which will be available soon as a commercial product.

         We can see WiSee enabled routers in near future and it doesn’t require any change in existing wireless standards.

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